• Production


NF7 is a mixed media concept project created and developed by our director Marcus Alqueres.

The Concept

The 3D animation depicts a superhuman robot designed for American football, set in a near-future where advanced AI and robotics are commonplace. This robot excels both as a player and a coach, with unmatched physical abilities and advanced AI algorithms. It plays alongside human athletes, offering lightning-fast decision-making and precision, while also coaching them with personalized feedback and strategies based on real-time analysis.

The animation showcases the seamless integration of technology and athletics, suggesting a future where human-robot collaboration redefines sports performance and coaching.


The Film

The NF7 project seamlessly merges live-action filming with computer-generated graphics, beginning with meticulous pre-production planning to envision a futuristic world. Actual actors are filmed in real-world settings, while motion capture technology captures their movements for the creation of highly realistic CG robot models. These CG elements are seamlessly integrated into the live-action footage during post-production, with additional visual effects added to enhance the futuristic ambiance. Sound design further immerses the audience, incorporating effects that bring the world of futuristic robot football players/trainers to life.

This comprehensive approach results in a visually stunning portrayal that makes the concept easy to envision and engage with.


The Online Experience

The NF7 project extends its reach with an online platform enabling users to craft their personalized NF7 robots. Through an intuitive interface, users select from a variety of customization options, including body design, colors, and features. These designs are seamlessly integrated into the NF7 universe, allowing users to see their creations in promotional materials or even the film itself.