Where Design seamlessly intertwines with Production Brilliance, sparking innovation, and nurturing creativity.

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Empowering Your Vision: Turning Creative Ideas into Real Results with our Team of Passionate Experts.

Mixing multicultural talents with top-notch service vibes!

How we collaborate:

Alright, let's kick things off by getting to know each other better. We're all about diving deep into your brand, goals, and what you're aiming for. Then, we cook up a plan to tackle the awesome stuff ahead.

Cool Approaches: Starter meetup, Chill sessions with the squad, Digging into internal docs, Checking out your brand vibe.


Main reasons of working with Flow

  • (A)

    Increased trust with target audience through consistent design done by one company.

  • (B)

    Our holistic approach eliminates the search for other partners no worries on finding the right match.

  • (C)

    Samsung, McDonalds, Volkswagen and others trust us with their work, why shouldn’t you?

Behind The Scenes Chicago

Offering /services

Seamlessly integrating Design and Production for inovating solutions.

  • Digital

    We offer a comprehensive suite of digital services tailored to meet the evolving needs of our clients. From strategic digital marketing campaigns to captivating content creation, our team of digital specialists is equipped with the skills and creativity to elevate brands to new heights in the digital landscape.

    • Design Systems
    • Motion Guidelines
    • UI Systems
    • UX Design
    • Website & Mobile Design
    • Prototyping
    • Full Stack Development
    • User Testing
    • Monitoring & Optimization
  • Branding

    From brand strategy and positioning to logo design and visual identity development, our team of branding experts collaborates closely with clients to craft authentic and compelling brand stories. We understand that effective branding is about more than just aesthetics—it's about creating meaningful connections with your audience and fostering brand loyalty.

    • Brand Identity
    • Visual Systems
    • Voice & Narrative
    • Brand Strategy
  • Content Production

    From scriptwriting and storyboarding to casting, filming, editing, and post-production, we handle every aspect of the production process with precision and creativity. Whether you're looking to create a TV commercial, an online video campaign, a podcast series, or any other form of multimedia content, we have the expertise and resources to execute your project flawlessly.

    • Consumer Research
    • Campaign Concepts
    • Creative & Design Direction
    • Content Strategy
    • Creative Development
    • Video Production
    • Content Production & Post
    • 2D & 3D Illustration
    • Animation

Client testimonials

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  • Jessica Winn
    /CEO & Co-Founder @Little Black Book

    “One of the standout qualities of Flow is their creativity. They have a knack for thinking outside the box and coming up with innovative solutions to challenges. Their team's ability to combine technical expertise with a fresh and creative perspective has been invaluable to our project.”

  • Matthew Kastner
    /CEO @Clearsquare

    “Flow brought in the product design expertise that gave us the power to develop the best platform we have ever created at Clearsquare.”

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    If some things wouldn’t be clear, some answers.
    • What advantages does your production studio offer for clients seeking both digital and film-based projects?

      Our production studio specializes in seamlessly integrating digital and film mediums, providing clients with a versatile range of creative options. What sets us apart is our lean, multicultural team with bases in the US, Europe, Dubai, and Brazil. Whether you prefer the crisp clarity of digital or the timeless aesthetic of film, our diverse team has the expertise to bring your vision to life.

    • What is Flow's 360 approach?

      Flow's 360 approach provides end-to-end support for businesses, covering branding, design, campaigns, and digital services all in one place. From crafting a strong brand identity to executing marketing campaigns and building digital solutions, Flow ensures consistency and cohesion throughout the project lifecycle. With streamlined coordination and a single point of contact, clients benefit from efficient and impactful results, lifting their projects from inception to completion seamlessly.

    • What is Flow's company structure?

      Flow has a strong leadership team overseeing every aspect of the business. Our production team is equally robust, featuring developers, designers, film directors, brand specialists, visual effects artists, screenwriters, and sound designers. Together, we tackle projects from various angles, ensuring high-quality results that exceed client expectations.

    • How does your studio accommodate clients with specific preferences?

      Flow's diverse and multicultural team enables us to accommodate clients with specific needs effectively. With team members from various backgrounds, cultures, and skill sets, we possess a wealth of perspectives and experiences to draw upon.

      This diversity allows us to approach client projects with sensitivity and understanding, ensuring that we can tailor solutions to meet their unique requirements. Whether it's understanding cultural nuances, navigating language barriers, or addressing specific market demands, our team's diversity enables us to adapt and deliver personalized, impactful results.

    • What sets your studio apart from others in terms of expertise in both digital and film production?

      Our studio prides itself on its comprehensive understanding of both digital and film production techniques, enriched by the multicultural perspectives of our team members across the US, Europe, Dubai, and Brazil. We combine the latest advancements in digital technology with a deep respect for the artistry and craftsmanship of traditional film, allowing us to offer clients unparalleled creative flexibility and superior results.

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