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Opplio is a management system created to not only simplify workflow, but also it's built with the idea of providing a vast library of tools to managers of multiple industries.

The Symbol

For Opplio, we crafted a brand inspired by the full cycle of a workday, from sunrise to sunset. The brand symbol reflects this concept by blending colors reminiscent of both sunrise and sunset, symbolizing the entirety of the workday. This visual representation not only evokes the passage of time but also conveys the idea of completeness and continuity in work. The use of these colors in the brand identity reinforces the message of productivity and dedication throughout the day.

Overall, the brand captures the essence of a full day's work, embodying Opplio's commitment to supporting professionals throughout their entire work cycle.


Where Does It Go

In crafting Opplio's brand, we took a holistic approach, ensuring that every graphic element served a purpose and carried meaning. We began by deconstructing Opplio's logo and extracting individual shapes from its design. By meticulously dissecting the logo, we identified key elements that could be repurposed to create a cohesive visual language across all brand assets.

Additionally, we developed a supporting graphic pattern that drew inspiration from Morse code. This pattern not only complemented Opplio's logo but also served a dual purpose: supporting content visually while conveying a narrative relevant to the brand. Morse code, known for its succinct communication style, aligned perfectly with Opplio's mission of streamlining work processes and enhancing communication efficiency.


The User Interface

We translated Opplio's branding elements into a clean and intuitive interface design that resonated with the brand's principles. By maintaining visual consistency, prioritizing user experience, and integrating brand storytelling, we ensured that every aspect of the interface reflected Opplio's identity and values. The result was a cohesive and visually impactful user experience that aligned seamlessly with Opplio's brand.

Every element in Opplio's UI was meticulously crafted from scratch, ensuring a uniquely customized visual approach across all mediums. From buttons to icons and illustrations, each element was hand-drawn and tailored to fit seamlessly within the brand's aesthetic. This approach ensured a consistent and cohesive visual experience across various platforms and mediums, reinforcing Opplio's identity and message regardless of where users interacted with the brand. By prioritizing custom design, we maintained a high level of alignment and cohesion, enhancing Opplio's brand recognition and user engagement across all touchpoints.