• Direction


Our Director Marcus Alqueres, helmed this amazing campaign for Samsung in Dubai, in partnership with Goldmine & Impact BBDO.

The Concept

The ad campaign for Samsung during the World Cup seamlessly integrated the full spectrum of Samsung products to create an immersive home experience.

The concept focused on showcasing how Samsung's diverse range of products, from smart TVs to wearable products, seamlessly communicate with each other, enhancing convenience and efficiency for consumers. By illustrating the interconnectedness of Samsung devices, we highlighted how they work in harmony to elevate everyday living, transforming homes into cohesive and interconnected spaces where entertainment, productivity, and comfort converge effortlessly.


Product Showcase

In just 30 seconds, our ad campaign for Samsung during the World Cup ingeniously showcased every product in the lineup. Through skillful editing and creative storytelling, we seamlessly integrated each Samsung device into the narrative, ensuring every product had its moment to shine. From the vibrant display of a Samsung smart TV broadcasting the match to the sleek design of a Samsung smartphone controlling the home's smart features, every aspect of the Samsung ecosystem was meticulously highlighted.

Whether it was the intuitive interface of a Samsung washing machine or the crystal-clear sound of a Samsung soundbar, each product was seamlessly woven into the storyline, demonstrating their collective ability to create a unified and immersive home experience.


The Result

The local Dubai campaign's remarkable success swiftly propelled it onto the global stage, exceeding the client's expectations. Its innovative portrayal of Samsung's integrated product ecosystem resonated universally, transcending cultural boundaries. Through strategic digital dissemination and partnerships, the campaign garnered widespread international acclaim, affirming Samsung's global leadership in home technology solutions.