Pass The Baton



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Flow was super excited to help Pass The Baton, a NFT project put together by Glenn Kaino and Tommie Smith, to raise funds for future athletes and art projects support.

The Project

Pass the Baton is an art project celebrating Tommie Smith’s iconic raised-fist protest for human rights from the podium during the medal ceremony in the 1968 Olympic Games. Inspired by the baton Tommie used in four record-breaking races, 7,872 digitally-rendered baton NFTs will bring Tommie’s salute and message of unity and perseverance to digital space. In partnership with 24 organizations fighting for human rights—Tommie’s Legacy Team—the project will use blockchain technology to drive meaningful change.


The Cause

Pass the Baton proudly supports 24 non-profit organizations that continue the fight for equality. Civil rights is an intergenerational struggle, and this project creates vital ongoing support for those that carry the baton for future generations.

Proceeds from the sale will also enable the artist to support the acquisition of the monumental sculpture Invisible Man (Salute) by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the large-scale installation Bridge by the Smithsonian American Art Museum.


The Website

Pass The Baton raised funds by selling unique evolving NFTs on their website. These NFTs increased in value as they were passed from person to person, attracting donors interested in both supporting the cause and potential investment. Through transparent communication and community engagement, they built trust and iterated on their concept, ultimately achieving success in fundraising for their cause.